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The Benefits of Roofing for Commercial Buildings

The Benefits of Roofing for Commercial Buildings

Tyler Austin / July 1, 2017

There Are Various Benefits of Roofing on Commercial Buildings

Reasonably, the exterior of a commercial building receives a considerable amount of notice about its appearance; the types of materials used, color schemes, decoration, and signage all play important roles in making curb appeal and inviting customers to use the products or services possible within.

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However, one aspect of commercial buildings that should also receive due care is the roofing. Although it is apparently not the first point that patrons or residents see, the roof is a vital part of the overall operation and achievement of the business; its layout and structural integrity have important protective and financial associations for the viability of that business.

In the structure of a commercial building or an industrial complex, the suggested practice is to install flat roofing. For owners and property directors of such Canada properties, some fundamentally sound reasons favor this form of roofing over the sloped/pitched roofs that are normally seen in the construction of private houses.

The benefits typically associated with a commercial flat roof compared to a residential pitched roof would include:

  • Easier to fix, resulting in lower beginning installation costs
  • Maintenance and repair costs are cheaper as a rule
  • Affords more ready use of space on top floor of building
  • More easily available for repair and maintenance purposes
  • Better blast resistance – reduces potential for storm disaster
  • Can be modified for the installation of green roofing actions
  • More available space to entertain mechanical equipment
  • Power efficiency – less additional space under roof to cool/heat

Today, a majority of commercial roof consulting is formed of various types of membrane element, most notably:

  • Thermoplastics
  • Synthetic Rubber
  • Modified Bitumen

These materials are usually connected in layers that are tied along the seams/edges; due to the consequence of the installation method relative to the roof’s integrity and performance. It would be very advisable to hire a commercial roof consulting service with considerable flat roof experience, such as SMC Group Inc., to perform the installation.

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Expert Commercial Roofing Repair, Inspection, and Replacement Services

While a flat roof can allow many advantages over an inclined surface, it is not resistant to issues with water penetration. Like a pitched roof, a commercial roof can need leak repair; if a leak happens, it could be the end of such circumstances as:

  • Extreme weather situations
  • Vulnerability to ultraviolet (or UV) rays
  • Water left lasting on the roof’s surface
  • Poor maintenance efforts
  • Cuts from rooftop equipment installations

Fortunately, a full investigation by a roofing contractor that is experienced and knowledgeable in commercial roof maintenance and repair, such as SMC Group, would recognize any potential problems before they become a problem and also identify circumstances that are in need of urgent attention. Furthermore, should the position of the roof be such that a new roof is needed, the specialists from SMC Group can usually complete a roof replacement in one or two days, thus restricting any inconvenience and disruption to patrons and residents of the commercial building.

For more details on the commercial roof repair and replacement services offered by SMC Group Inc., a leading roofing contractor in Canada for more than 20 years, visit our Commercial Flat Roof Repairs page.

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