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Some useful tips for beginners in the field dove shooting in Argentina.

Some useful tips for beginners in the field dove shooting in Argentina.

Tyler Austin / May 10, 2017

Argentina High Volume is the best dove hunting lodge in Argentina. We have 9,000 acres of our private estate house which is the largest dove roost in whole Argentina with more than 20 million doves flying over our property at any given moment. Which means you’ll be having much fun. There is no other place else in the world that one can experience this worth of dove hunting in a luxury five-star, resort-style environment. This is something Argentina dove hunting in South America is all about!

As we all know dove hunting is not as easy as it seems to be. Hence we have some useful tips for beginners in the field dove shooting in Argentina.

1) Open the choke:

Use a modified choke tube so that you will get a wide pattern to shoot. Most of the time many people’s use too tight choke for Dove shooting. If you don’t want that your bird gets destroyed, then you should make sure that you have a Modified choke.

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2) Gun Control:

Dove Shooting does mean that you just put your gun upside towards the sky in the direction of the birds and pulling the trigger. It is not as easy to control a short gun for beginners. But once you get to stick to it you will get a perfect idea about how to get a perfect shot.

3) Position:

Most of the dove hunts are over fields that have been recently planted for fall crops. Always select first your shooting position before time, so that you have plenty of time to set your guns ready for the action. Birds like to sit on trees around water, so if there’s a pound near to that field, you should get closer to it.

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4) Concealed:

There are two good reasons for this thing. The fact that it is cooler is obvious. And if you stand in direct sun your guns will shine, and doves will get an idea about this. Doves use keen eyes to spot hunters. You should hide by wearing something which suits accordingly with your surroundings. You can also pick some stand that will allow dove to come within 25 to 30 yards of you.

5) Patience:

Wait for the bird to come near you. If you shot too early, the bird will go far from you and you will not be able to shot that bird again. So you should wait till the bird comes on your aim than shot.

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