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4 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About SEO

4 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About SEO

Tyler Austin / August 16, 2017

However, even if you know how to make your website, that is not enough. Having a website for your business does not automatically guarantee quick turnover and financial success. There are issues such as ranking and traffic to address. It is also important to make your website mobile active because Google is not likely to send a lot of traffic to your site if it is not. And for one simple reason: more people browse on their phones than their PCs.

That is where SEO comes in. Granted, SEO is a favourite phase of the online world, and often everyone knows something about it. But there are many major facts about it that you probably don’t. So basically I attempt to discuss four basics here in straightforward language and to describe how they will affect your business. click here for more details.

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1. On-site optimization.

While Search Engine Optimization is a modern term, a lot of people do not know what on-site optimization means. Here is the process of ensuring that your website gains acceptance by both viewers and search engines alike.
The right keywords, key phrases, and tags on your site’s pages it will achieve Here are what helps Google determine how to rank your website. In fact, according to this business buyer’s guide to SEO, “Google needs to know the subject matter of a site to identify it correctly, so it looks at what’s actually on the pages to determine the topics that remain covered.

2. Off-site optimization.

Off-site optimization refers to the process of trying to achieve a high rank for your website using external methods. This process is not done on your site the way on-site optimization is.

During this process, Google tries to make the sites it considers the most authentic to rank highest only when a particular term searched.In Most times, a site’s recognised authority or importance is defined by how many other sites are linking to it.

So, having links to your site appear on large platforms and successful blogs helps your website rank higher with Google.

3. Black-hat SEO.

This SEO method involves the use of illegal techniques to achieve the same objective, high ranking. Those who practice black-hat SEO break Google’s rules to gain raise their website’s rank. It is the direct opposite of white-hat SEO methods.

Some of these techniques are:

  • Page swapping
  • use of invisible text
  • Creating fake pages to get the desired back links
  • Page swapping
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Using doorway pages

This method, while seeing increased use, is still illegal and is not the best way to grow your online business. It may seem to bear faster results, but the disadvantages are too Black-hat SEO can get your online platform banned from the ranks of a search engine.

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4. White-hat SEO.

The proper optimization techniques and which is legal to drive greater traffic to a website, in an amount to achieve a high rank on search engines. Traffic which occurs here is human traffic.

Some of the these techniques are back linking, keyword analysis, and link building. The objective is to increase the popularity of the site through writing good content that other sites can link to, thereby increasing your site’s rank.

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